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Review: Chorabali

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Drector: Redwan roni
Artist: Indronil Sengupto, Joya Ahsan, Sahiduzamman Selim, ATM Samshujamman, Sohel Rana, Hillol, Iresh Jaker, Shamima Naznin among others.

Everybody hoping to change Bengali film culture for long time. But nobody take challenge to change it. Finally a Bengali challenger who's name "Redowan Roni" takes the challenge to create a movie to go out of track  And he may be going to win his challenge successfully.Who know the little background of this film, they said it will be a great movie for our audiences in Bengali film industry.

A screen shot of movie "Chorabali"
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Family is more imoptent than Carieer

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Family is more impotent than Carrier

"Family is more imoptent than my profetional carrier" - told that Famous actress cum model Nadia. Nadiya said that alaways I give impotence my family first that rest of things, witout my family I am nothing.

Cute Bengali actress Nadia already proven her as a versatile actress. She was worked in lot of strong charecter. so she getting lot of offer to work. But she refused lot of offer reason for family. She alwyas enjoy to pass time with family specialy her husband Shimul.
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Mousumi played the role of daughter & mother together.

Saturday, December 10, 2011
Popular Bengali TV dram actress Mousumi Biswas played the role of daughter & mother together in a upcoming drama serial. The TV audiences will be watch her duel character in a drama serial which title “Baire Batash” that directed by Jowel Mahmud.

Famous hot actress Mousumi Biswas told that, ‘The character is really interesting. Never had I worked before this kind of character. For that it is a very challenging work for me. I really enjoyed working two different characters together. When I worked for mother’s character, I needed to change my vocal and getup. But no need to change for daughter’s character because of the character not much different than my real life.’

The Famous Zone Photo: Bangladeshi famous sexy celebrity girl Mousumi Biswas exclusive picture.
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Mousumi played the role of daughter & mother together.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Farah Ruma debut on Dhallywood film.

Saturday, May 28, 2011
Hot famous mini scene actress cum model Farah Ruma has been debut on Dhallywood film. She is playing one of the impotent characters of the film “Putro Ekhon Poisawola” which directing by Nargish Akhter. Celebrity Farah Ruma says, ‘I was thinking since long time to work on Dallywood film. But I couldn’t able to start work just for lack of good film and character. My character is very impotent on this film and the film story is really wonderful. That’s why I take positive decision after read the script. Already the shooting has been starts on Bosundhora City. Hope, it will be a wonderful movie.’

The film story revolves with different kind of bad side of our society. Few more famous Bangladeshi artists – Chanchal Chowdhury, Emon, Saila, Amin, Mownota and among others are playing in the film. It is produce by Multimedia Production.

The Famous Zone Photo: Exclusive hot sexy image of Bangladeshi famous celebrity Farah Ruma.
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Farah Ruma debut on Dhallywood film.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Prokash is going to debut in Dhallywood film.

Friday, May 6, 2011
Bangladeshi boy Mostofa Prokash had been started his film carrier from Calcutta, India. The film name is “Notobor Notout” which is running now number of cinema houses around West Bengal, where famous India hot sexy artist Ryma Sen was playing with him as a co-artist.

Before a couple of month he was informed to media that he is highly interested to work in Bangladeshi movie. And finally Prokash is going to debut in Dhallywood. Already he was contact sign for a film titled “Tomay Dilam Prithibi”. Lux superstar Ishana will work with Prokash as a co-artist in the film. The film is directing by Tommoy Tanseen.

Prokash express his feeling with media, he says, ‘I have always dreamed to work in local film. And finally I get a chance. You can say that my big dream is going to success. I am really much exited, right now just waiting for moment to start work. The film story is really wonderful.

The source of production house informed that the film shooting will be start from 20th May at Rangamati.

The Famous Zone Photo: Exclusive hot image of celebrity pairs Mostafa Prokash and Ishana.
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Prokash is going to debut in Dhallywood film.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Ruma pairs with Mahfuj after long time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Hot Sexy glamorous Bangladeshi TV actress cum model Farha Ruma pairs with popular drama actor Mahfuj Ahmed after long time. They are working together in a Bengali TV drama title “Lal Golap Sada Mon”. The drama story revolves with romantic relation of Mahfuj-Ruma. They are committed to married each other after complete education in the drama story. Ruma goes abroad for study and one day she returns back home after complete education successfully. But she doesn’t able to contact with Mahmuj. One day she finds out Mahfuj address and goes his home to meet. But when she come to the Mahfuj home then a girl introduce as a Mahfuj wife. And Ruma gets big shock after know that and leave the Mahfuj home. But after few days, she able to has known the real story. Actually Mahfuj never married any girl, he still love her. But he has cancer disease, that’s why he makes this kind of drama.

The drama is written by Faria Hossain and directed by Choiwonika Chowdury. Farah Ruma talk abut dram, says, ‘the drama story really very fantastic, I enjoy to work in the drama. Also I am able to work with ‘Mahfuj Vai’ after long time break. Hope everybody will enjoy watching the drama "Lal Golap Sada Mon".’

The Famous Zone Photo: A exclusive screen shot image of celebrity pairs Farah Ruma & Mahfuj Ahmed.
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Ruma pairs with Mahfuj after long time.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Guerrilla is running successfully across the country.

Thursday, April 21, 2011
Director Nashiruddin Yousuff film “Guerilla” was released on Pahela Baishakh, 14’Th April, which based on Liberation War (1971) of Bangladesh. Presently it’s running on 13’Th movie theaters across the country. Famous Two artists on two different media were taking parts of the film Guerilla, one is Dhallywood most popular actor Ferdous and another is Hoya Ahsan, who is a popular TV drama actress. They were talking about the guerilla:

Famous Dhallywood movie star Ferdous plays the role of a journalist. He says, ‘The film “Guerilla” is a most valuable film in my acting carrier. I am really grateful to work such kind of historical movie. Truly to say when Nasiruddin Yousuff Bhai offered me a role in the film “Guerilla”, I gladly accepted without thinking anything. It is a fantastic historical movie based on liberation war and hope that young people are coming more to the movie theaters to watch the film.’

Noted mini scene actress Joya Ahsan's plays role of a girl ‘Bilkis’. Bilkis role is very demanding and challenging role in the film. Joya says, ‘Always I loved the challenge. Few days I couldn't change my clothes to maintain continuity in the film. But a real artist always loves to handle a challenging job. Our challenge will be success if people come to theaters for watch the film. I am asking entire people of Bangladesh, don’t miss it, please come to watch it.’

The Famous Zone Photo: A scene shot image of the film "Guerilla" where actress Joya Ahsan walking on rail way.
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Guerrilla is running successfully across the country.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

“Antodharn” shooting was ended within 8 days.

Friday, April 8, 2011
Glamorous Dhallywood sexy actress Nipun’s acting film “Antodharn” shooting was ended within only eight days. Popular Bengali movie face Ferdous is playing hero’s roll of these glamor girl. The shooting was run eight days without break at place Chondrar Chor, Chapainobaganj. The producer fixed up 20 days for shooting, but it’s completed within only eight days. That’s why the film actor, actress and director are very happy to complete before schedule time.

Noted actress Nipun says, ‘I couldn’t imagine that we were able to complete the shooting within such short time. Earlier I think that it was not possible to end the shooting within 20 days, but we did it within only 8 days. It’s really unbelievable and new record of my film carrier. I was playing a character of village women in the film. Everyday we awake early and went to shooting spot after make 1 hour long boat journey. We did work until midnight’.

The Famous Zone Photo: Super famous Bangladeshi film celebrity pars Nipun & Ferdous image.
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“Antodharn” shooting was ended within 8 days.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Farhan Mili’s engagement was held on last 18’Th March.

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Country most famous TV drama cum Dhallywood film actress Farahan Mili is going to start married life soon.  The wedding ceremony will be held on next 4’Th June of current year. Hot Bangladeshi glamorous ‘Monpura’ framed actress Farhan Mili’s husband name is Rashidul Islma Sawon.  Their engagement party was held on Friday night, 18’Th march at a local Chinese restaurant of Dhanmondi. There were present almost 100 guests from both families. The party was organized like a family function, nobody allow from out of family even media.

The source of Mili’s family confirmed that Mili is going to marry depend on her parent choice.  It is completely arrange marriage, not a love marriage.  The wedding day was finally fixed up after two months long conversation between both family members. Mili’s husband Sawon completed graduation in Computer Science and Engineering from BUET in year 2005.

The Famous Zone Photo: A exclusive engagement party image of famous Bengali actress Farhana Mili with husband Rashidul Islam Sawon.
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Farhan Mili’s engagement was held on last 18’Th March.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Orsha’s 1’st film shooting has begun.

Thursday, March 24, 2011
After won the Lux-Channel-I crown, she got proposal to acting a number of films. But Orsha didn’t get any suitable character and story to begin Dhallywood film acting. Glamorous sexy Bangladeshi beauty queen Orsha was a wafting for a good character film. Orsha said that finally she got a good film to work and now she is attending on shooting of her 1’st Bengali film fro middle of current month, 19’th March. The movie screen shoot was held on location at Soroardi Urdan (Dhaka). The film title name is “Ferari Fanush’, produce by Abir Sreshto.

Orsha express feelings of firs day of shooting. She says, ‘it was a good historical memorable day for my life. Everything starts perfectly. First day I worked until midnight. If everything is perfectly going ahead then we can able to deliver a good film for Bangladeshi audiences. Actor Rownak Hasan is playing hero’s roll of mine’.

The producer informed that the rest of film shooting will be held on different places at Bandorban, Rangamati, Centmartin, Coxbazar and Jahnangirnagar University. They are hoping to complete shooting within next September.

The Famous Zone Photo: A screen shot image of hot sexy Desi celebrity girl Orsha.
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Orsha’s 1’st film shooting has begun.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend