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Dipjol declare the produce movies for TV channel

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Dipjol declare the produce movies for TV channel:

The Dhallywood famous superstar actor Dipjol declares the produce different kind movie under other production house. He declares to acting in other producer movie for first time. Earlier he doesn’t acting in other production house movie. Dipjol has always works for his own production house movie. Also he will going to produce new four movies for a popular private TV channel and Last Sunday he talk with the TV channel authority about making film.

Dipjol say it wills different kind of movie and the TV channel authority give me the full responsibility to making these movies. I will be selecting all the artist and story of these movies. It’s a big responsibility for me and hope can be successfully complete my job and people will be able to see a good Bengali movie soon. But He doesn’t want to say about TV channel name before contact sign.

 Photo: Bangladeshi famous film actor Dipjol.
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