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Sahara found again Shakib as a hero

Saturday, June 5, 2010
Sahara found again Shakib as a hero:

After long time, actress Sahara is found again Dhallywood king Shakib Khan as a hero in a new Bengali film. Last time they worked together in the film “Priya Amar Pria” at the year 2004. This film were accepted by huge audience and successfully business.  Now again the film maker Badiwole Alom is make the film “Valobeshe Morte Pari” with this couple. While the first one also made by Badiwole Alom. Already the film “Valobeshe Morte Pari” was realized on last Friday.

Sahara told one press conference, the story of the film “Valobeshe Morte Pari” is better than our previous movie.  All the songs of movie are really wonderful. We are very hopeful about the film success. Hoping that more audience will be come to watch our new romantic movie and it will be able to break Bangladeshi film previous record.

Photo: Bangladeshi celebrity couple Sahara and Shakib Khan.
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