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Actress Sahara always prefer sari in any occasion

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Bangladeshi film actress Shara inform that she regularly wear salower-Kameez and scat-tops. But sari is her most favorite dress. Especially in any occasion always she tries to wear sari. And she feels better comfort in Jorjet Sari. She doesn’t wear any kind of local fashion house wear. Always she prefers to shop Almas and Ahong.

Usually people know that a film actress is trying to keep her as much as beautiful. Always they are careful about style and glamor. So that the people have lot of interest to know what they doing out of shooting spot. For the people satisfaction, sexy Dhallywood glamorous celebrity Sahara share with us about her normal life. She told that what kind of fashion she like out of shooting?

She says, “A actress need to always deep makeup in shooting. But I don’t prefer it when out of shooting. When need to attend any party always I prefer jorjet sari. Also prefer light color lipstick, a big size tip, kajol and stone jewelry.”

Photo: Famous Dhallywood hot famous actress Sahara.
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