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World Cup Music video Album by Mila

Thursday, July 8, 2010
Most sexy young glamorous Bengali celebrity singer Mila’s new album is now available in music market of Bangladesh. This music videos album has been already realized to celebrate the occasion of FIFA World Cup 2010. The album contains music video of 10 songs by Mila and Upol. The album titled name is “World Cup with Mila,” which produced by G-Series. The music videos have been directed by Javed Iqbal Topu, Rommo Khan, Mehabuba Mehnoor Chadni and among others.

G-series authority told on press conference that it’s a wonderful music video. Mila perform wonderfully all the music video, especially we hope that the audience will be enjoy to watch dance of Mila. She really dance and sing well in this music video album. And also there have some other famous artist music video such as – Shurjosnaney Chol by Bappa Mojumdar, Meye by Topu, Cholo Bhuley Jai by Back and few more.

 Photo: The album cover photo of "World Cup with Mila".
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