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Actress Ressy becomes a barrister soon!

Sunday, August 29, 2010
Glamorous sexy actress ‘Ressy’ will become a barrister soon! But not in real life, she will play character of barrister on front of audiences. The audiences will able to watch her as a barrister on producer F. I. Manik’s movie ‘Ek Joban’. Previously she was work in different kind of character but for first time she is playing roll of barrister on Dhallywood films. The movie shooting is running now on different locations. Actress Ressy is feeling quite nervous, although she is very hopeful for her new roll.

Ressy says, ‘I am exciting to work in this kind of character. Really feeling very happy to got chance to play this character, but feeling quite nervous too.  Whatever I will try my best to successfully play this roll. For this reason now I am trying to understand regular activity of a real barrister.’

Also one more movie of this Bangladeshi actress is running now around the country which name is ‘Chehara’ and directed by Sahidul Islam Khokon. Glamorous filmy girl Ressy was playing as an action heroin in the movie ‘Chehara’ for first time in carrier.

The Famous Zone Photo: Bangladeshi hot film celebrity Ressy dancing scene image from movie 'Chehara'.
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