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How is going lux superstar Mehazabien life?

Friday, August 20, 2010
Again starts searching the beauty face for Bangladeshi Media. The Lux Channel-I superstar 2010 winner Mehazabien Chowduhry will transfer her crown to new winner soon. But everybody concern about how is going present lux superstar ‘Mehazabien’ life right now? Can she able to take her position strongly in Media. She was already worked on a number of TV dramas and also the shooting of her 1st movie is going on. Now everybody waiting for watch her movie and acting skill. Especially Dhallywood film industry related peoples have a question, can she really able to survive in Dhallywood or not?

The glamorous sexy celebrity Mehazabien was given the answer of all question – she says, ‘it’s a big achievement for me to become a Lux Channel I Superstar winner. Now I am start working regularly as an actress cum model. I want to take a strong position in Dhallywood and TV media. Before me lot of girls won the Lux Channel-I superstar competition, now they are very good position in media such as Apu Bishwas, Mim, Bindu and among others. Also I want create my position like them. And strongly believe that I can able to create my strong position in both media. Now my hand has lot of works, right now very busy with shooting for a number of Eid dramas and TV ad’.

The Famous Zone Photo: Celebrity Mehazabien Chowdhury scene shot image from movie 'Warish'.
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