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Is James going to perform again in Bollywood movie?

Monday, August 23, 2010
Is James going to perform again in Bollywood movie? Yes, Bangladeshi heartthrob songster James will perform again in Bollywood film director Anurag Basu’s next movie ‘Silence’. Recently a fan asked the question in Twitter, why you don’t work more with singer James. And Anurag Basu returns back answer of this question, he answered that James will perform in my next movie ‘silence’. He was writing this on his personal Twitter page at night 1:57 am, 6th August.

But James informed that still I don’t talk with Anurag Basu to perform his new movie. I am able to confirm it after final conversation. Previously James was playback in Bollywood movie ‘Life in a Metro’ which also directed by Anurag Basu and released on 11th may 2007. James was playback and plays an individual character together in this movie. After it He doesn’t work in any Bollywood movie. In the past he was playback too in Bollywood movies ‘Gangster’ and ‘O Lamhe’. His all Bollywood movie songs were become very popular in all around the world.

The Famous Zone Photo: Famous Bangladeshi songster James.
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