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Tinni don’t want to work in Dhallywod Big scene.

Saturday, August 28, 2010
Bangladeshi hot glamorous actress cum model Tinni is a very popular as a mini scene heroin. She has very strong position in TV media. Just before coupe of months she was express interest to work in Dhallywood movie. And finally this famous TV actress was declaring to work regularly in Dhallywood movie before a month. The entire Dhallywood filmmakers were very happy to know her interest to work. After made her declaration Tinni got lot of film offer within few days. And already Tinni was start work in a film with famous actor Shakib Khan which name is ‘Se Amar Mon Kereche’ and produce by young producer ‘Golam Morshed’.

But before releasing single movie, Tinni was declaring to don’t work in Dhallywood movie. Last Monday Tinni was announcing that she have no more interest to work in Big scene. After listen her declaration everybody shocked. They were trying to know what the reason of it is. Especially the film makers who already contact sign with Tinni, they are falling in problem if Tinni don’t change her decision. Lot of filmmaker already said that it’s an unprofessional behavior. They are hoping that Tinni will change her decision as soon as possible.

The Famous Zone Photo: Scene image from movie 'Se Amar Mon Kereche' of hot famous celebrity couple Tinii-Shakib 
Tinni don’t want to work in Dhallywod Big scene.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend