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Movie ‘Gohine Sobdho’ is going to release on Paris.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Bangladeshi  movie “Gohine Sobdho' which directed by 'Khalid Mahmud' is going to release soon on commercial cinema complex of Paris. The sources of production house on this movie admit that the movie will release on eight cine-complexes at beginning. And shortly will take step to release the movie more cine-complex after watching response of viewer. They also admits that the production house ‘Impress Telefilm’ has made contract with the film agency ‘Cinema lea Brady Paris France’ to release on others European countries.

Last 20th September, a party has organized on a cine-complex of ‘Cinema lea Brady’ for celebrate the occasion of releasing Bangladeshi film on Paris. There were participated Bangladeshi Ambassador of France-Enamul Kabir, Managing director of Impress Telefilm-Faridur Reja Sagor, director of this film-Khalid Mahmud Mithu, Actor Emon and actress Kusum Shikdar.

The Marketing director of ‘Impress Telefilm’ says, ‘We going to achieve big success for history of Bangladeshi film. We tried heard to release this movie from last two years on the commercial cine-complexes European countries.

All the artist of this film feeling very proud especially actress Kusum’s expectation is very high. She express that it is a great moment of my acting carrier, you can say one of my big dream going to success. Now just waiting for sea how people accept our movie. I am sure that they will enjoy enough this Bangladeshi movie.

The Famous Zone Photo: Celebrity couple Kusum Shikdar and Emon scene shot image from movie "Gohine Sondho"
Movie ‘Gohine Sobdho’ is going to release on Paris.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend