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Prova-Apurbo’s exclusive interview on today night

Friday, September 10, 2010
From couple of weeks Prova-Apurbo's wedding is a popular topic for print and electronic media. Al tough peoples are very interested to know the update of this news. Everybody is waiting for listen speech of them to know why they took this dramatic wedding decision suddenly. But nobody able to talk with them directly, whatever finally they have given interview with a TV channel. Yes, the channel ATN-News will telecast new couple Prove-Apurbo’s exclusive interview on today night. The interview has taken by TV reporter Munni Saha. For first time they are talking with any Bangladeshi media after getting married.

Famous celebrity couple ‘actress Prova and actor Apurbo’ has discuss openly about different situation of own life. They talk about married life, share with audiences how take decision of married, and now how is going married life? Also they share, ‘what plans for Eid celebration?’

This will be Apurbo-Prova's first Eid as a married person. They admit that they will share the joys of Eid with family in Dhaka this year. Also they are making plans to go on a long drive with music playing on the car stereo. But they have not confirmed yet where to go.

The Famous Zone Photo: Famous hot celebrity couple Apurbo and Prova.
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