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Flop heroin Mim has gotten chance again on a movie

Saturday, October 30, 2010
Flop Dhallywood heroin Mim has gotten chance again on a movie after one year long brake. Lux Channel-I superstar ‘Biddia Saha Mim’ still not able to caught success in Dhallywood film. Her previous films were flop, not able business successfully. Lot of Dhallywood person said that she is not perfect for Dhallywood film, nobody want to cast her as a heroin. That’s why she did not able to work in Dhallywood from last one year. But forget her previous record Bangladeshi famous young filmmaker ‘Debashis Bishwas’ is taking risk. He has cast actress 'Mim' for his next film titled “Tumi Ashbe Bole Valobashbe Bole”. And another flop hero Emon has been cast as a co-artist of Mim.

Young talented filmmaker ‘Debashis Bishwas’ says, ‘Yes, I know very well they are not able to famous in Dhallywood. But I want to do something new with them. I think both have enough talent to work in Dhallywood. You can say that it’s my challenge to make a successful movie with this celebrity couple. I don’t understand why they are not accepted in Dhallywood, Both Mim and Emon are 100% fit for a movie, especially Mim has really enough glamor and talent, and she got attractive face and figure which are very impotent for a film-star. I think it will be wrong if you judgment about anybody without give enough chance.’

The Famous Zone Photo: Hot cute picture of Bangladeshi actress cum "Bidda Saha Mim" with "Emon".
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