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Monalisa’s missing her past life

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
I think everybody know about Monalisa. Yes, presently she is famous most glamorous TV model and actress in Bangladesh. She starts her carrier as model. Currently she is taking part of a TV drama heroin too. But still she is much more famous as model compare than actress. Monlisa also like to introduce herself as a model more than actress.

Monalisa did her first modeling assignment for TV scene in a 'Fair and Lovely' advertisement. She did able to won media experts and audiences hearts on her first appearance. After that she got lots of offer, and day by day she was become a county most popular celebrity within short time.

At the beginning of carrier she was enjoys her celebrity life, but day by day she starts to feel hassles of celebrity life. Monalisa says, ‘its really enjoyable situation for me when people come up to me and ask me autograph. Beginning of my carrier I really excited to saw that. But day by day I was starting to feel that I lost my normal life. Now it’s become a big hassle for my life. Most troublesome was my appearance in the Lilly soap advertisement. After it aired on TV scene everyone used to call me Lilly. Even when I went to shop I was charged extra and had no other option but to buy products at a higher price. It still happens continue that’s really hearted me. You know one thing that bothers me most is that I just can't go and sit at a roadside Fuchka and enjoy a snack. Really missing outside Fuchka, but nothing can do because once I went to these kinds of public places, then crowed started to follow me, forcing me to flee. Another problem is people want to take snaps with me wherever I go’.

‘Being a celebrity changes one's personal life. I can't do whatever I want like a normal human being. Really I was missing my past life. That much more enjoyable and free or me, I went to any whey with friend and family and cam did anything. But mow nothing is easy for me. Feel everywhere people just following me’, said most sexy glamorous celebrity girl Monalisa.

The Famous Zone Photo: Image of sexy Bangladeshi model girl Monalisa.
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