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Sharukh don’t want to perform with Shakib

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
One is king of Bollywood and another is king of Dhallywood. Yes, we are talking about Bollywood heartthrob superstar Shakrukh Khan and Dhallywood king actor Shakib Khan. Both are king, but there have big of difference between them. Sharukh not only famous his own country also he is very popular all part of world. But Shakib Khan is only famous in Bangladesh. There have no way to compare Shakib with Sharukh. Whatever Shakib are feeling very guilty when he knows that Sharukh refuse to perform with his on stage. Even Sharukh don’t know about Shakib. Sharukh says, ‘I don’t want to perform with any unknown person.’

Earlier the organizer of this concert ‘Ontor Showbiz’ announced that Bangladeshi film actor Shakib Khan and singer Kumar Bishwajit will perform on this comcert with Sharukh Khan. Also hot sexy famous Bollywood actress Rani Mukharji and other few more Indian artists will perform on this show. After got confirmation from organizer, Shakib has been rehearsal dance everyday with follow few Bollywood dance videos.  But suddenly just couple days ago the show organizer inform him that Sharukh don’t agree to perform with him. So that Shakib don’t able to perform on our main concert show. If he agrees Shakib can perform as an occasional performer on just before start and interval of Sharukh concert. But still we don’t know about Shakib reaction. It’s not sure yet that Shakib will perform or not as an occasional performer.

The Famous Zone Photo: Image of Bollywood actor Sharukh Khan and Dhallywood actor Shakib Khan.
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