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Nancy did playback on four movies

Monday, January 3, 2011
Heartthrob glamorous Bangladeshi singer Nancy did playback recently on four Dhallywood movies title – ‘Laltip’, ‘Khuti’, ‘Anno Rokom Valobasha’ and ‘Emono Tow Prem Hoi’. All are duet song. Individually she was singing a song for each one with five different singers. One is movie “Laltip” where Nancy was performing with Arefin Rumi, younger singer cum composer Belal Khan was performing on movie “Khuti” with her, “Emono Tow Prem Hoi” - performed with Shofik Tuhin and another film “Onno Rokom Valobasha” where Nancy and Tawsif performed together. Nancy’s song of movie “Onno Rokom Valobasha” had composed and directed by Sowkot Ali Emon. And for first time in carrier, Nancy was worked with Emon.

Nancy talks about her new playbacks, she says, ‘Always I prefer to perform on good songs which will able to touch heart of listeners. Recently I did playback for four movies, every songs lyric and tune are really very melodies. Whatever my work will be success if listeners love these.’

Nancy and Arefin Rumi

Also Bengali singer Nancy informed that she will sing for one more film soon and music wills direct by Sowkot Ali Emon.

The Famous Zone Photo: Cute image of Bengali singer Nancy and Tawsif.
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