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Guerrilla is running successfully across the country.

Thursday, April 21, 2011
Director Nashiruddin Yousuff film “Guerilla” was released on Pahela Baishakh, 14’Th April, which based on Liberation War (1971) of Bangladesh. Presently it’s running on 13’Th movie theaters across the country. Famous Two artists on two different media were taking parts of the film Guerilla, one is Dhallywood most popular actor Ferdous and another is Hoya Ahsan, who is a popular TV drama actress. They were talking about the guerilla:

Famous Dhallywood movie star Ferdous plays the role of a journalist. He says, ‘The film “Guerilla” is a most valuable film in my acting carrier. I am really grateful to work such kind of historical movie. Truly to say when Nasiruddin Yousuff Bhai offered me a role in the film “Guerilla”, I gladly accepted without thinking anything. It is a fantastic historical movie based on liberation war and hope that young people are coming more to the movie theaters to watch the film.’

Noted mini scene actress Joya Ahsan's plays role of a girl ‘Bilkis’. Bilkis role is very demanding and challenging role in the film. Joya says, ‘Always I loved the challenge. Few days I couldn't change my clothes to maintain continuity in the film. But a real artist always loves to handle a challenging job. Our challenge will be success if people come to theaters for watch the film. I am asking entire people of Bangladesh, don’t miss it, please come to watch it.’

The Famous Zone Photo: A scene shot image of the film "Guerilla" where actress Joya Ahsan walking on rail way.
Guerrilla is running successfully across the country.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend